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Sloan perform live in The Current studio

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by Mary Lucia and Sloan

October 10, 2014

Chris Murphy of Sloan
Chris Murphy of Sloan
MPR Photo / Bridget Bennett

Chris Murphy isn't the frontman of Sloan. Neither is Patrick Pentland, nor is Jay Ferguson or Andrew Scott. And they are the only four members of the band. It's unusual for a pop-rock band to have such a democratic process, but it's worked for Sloan for the past 15 years.

Sloan are unique in that each of the band's members writes and leads their own songs. Murphy explains "We all sing the songs we write," which, in the past, has given Sloan albums a tendency to sound something like a compilation.

2014's Commonwealth has a different feel, however. It's a double album, and allowed them to basically give each band member their own "side" — or quarter of the album — which allowed them to sequence it into a cohesive whole.

The expanded time gave Sloan an opportunity to experiment, too. Drummer Andrew Scott took a different approach on his side, and made one whole song. "It sort of assembled itself," he said. "I had a total panic attack after I finished my song, though. I thought It's unplayable live." The band agreed, though, that they could pull it off.

In advance of their show at the Turf Club, Sloan talked about the lazy state of music journalism, their supposed influences and how awesome The Faces are.

Songs Performed

"You've got a lot on your Mind"
"Misty's Beside Herself "
"Keep Swinging (Downtown) "

All songs off Sloan's latest album, Commonwealth, out now on Yep Roc Records.

Hosted by Mary Lucia
Produced by Lindsay Kimball
Engineered by Mike DeMark