Thao Nguyen's gift-card song takes a poke at holiday presents


Thao Nguyen Coffee Break
Thao Nguyen accompanied Steve Seel and Jill Riley on The Current's Coffee Break Live visit in December 2013. (MPR photo/Nate Ryan)

While performing at the nonprofit organization Youthprize as part of The Current's Coffee Break on the Road series, Thao Nguyen captures something of the holiday spirit with an original song about gift cards.

Nguyen was inspired to write the song after she and her brother exchanged what she thought was an absurd conversation about agreeing an amount for the gift cards they would exchange at the holidays.

"What's the point?" Nguyen told her audience. "Forty bucks [each] — why wouldn't I just keep my money, and then you wouldn't have to give me something … I think it's really stupid."

Listen to the complete song:

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