9:30 Coffee Break: Bands that are Reuniting

Coffee Break
What songs do you want to hear for today's coffee break? (MPR Graphic / Tracy Kompelien)

2015 is starting to feel like the "year of the reunion" for a lot of bands who haven't recorded or toured in a while.

In the past days, weeks and months, we've heard about reunions — and forthcoming tours in the year ahead — from the likes of Babes in Toyland, Ride, L7, and many others. (Sorry Smiths and Oasis fans, you'll still have to wait — but this year you'll be able to mark your concert calendar for dates from New Kids On The Block.)

What bands reuniting in 2015 would you like to hear for today's 9:30 Coffee Break?

Songs Played

Sleater-Kinney, "A New Wave"

Ride, "Vapour Trail"

Luna, "Malibu Love Nest"

Babes in Toyland, "Sweet 69"

L7, "Pretend That We're Dead"

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