Weekend Arts Roundup: Gravy

Andy Hillbrands Lauren Anderson bnw gravy
Cast members Andy Hillbrands and Lauren Anderson in a publicity photo for the Brave New Workshop's 'Fifty Shades of Gravy'. (Dani Werner)
Weekend Arts Roundup: Gravy
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MPR News Arts Reporter Marianne Combs joins Steve Seel and Jill Riley to talk about artistic happenings in the Twin Cities this weekend, including the Brave New Workshop's latest satirical offering.

Fifty Shades of Gravy — The new show at Brave New Workshop, this collection of witty sketches is getting great reviews for its sharp commentary on popular culture, race relations and work dynamics. The show runs until May 2 at the Brave New Workshop Theatre in Minneapolis.

The Modern Spirit: The Art of George Morrison — The Minnesota History Center is featuring a large exhibition of the work of contemporary Ojibwe artist George Morrison. It brings together works from private collections as well as from the Minnesota Museum of American Art in St. Paul, and includes sculptures, paintings and drawings. Simultaneously at the Bockley Gallery in Minneapolis, there is another George Morrison exhibit presented in conjunction with the one at the Minnesota History Center. The Bockley installation includes a sketch book of Morrison's, allowing a look into his creative process. The Bockley Gallery show runs until March 21, and the Minnesota History Center exhibit is on view until April 26.

Skin Deep Sea by Stanton Wood — Described as an "American steampunk fairytale", this new play by the Workhaus Collective is a fantasia of late 19th-century robber barons, magical mermaids, drunken airship pirates and two-headed witches. Its elements of magic and surprise are in the spirit of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. This play stages at the Playwrights' Center in Minneapolis until Feb. 21.

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