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fans at Rock n Jock Expo
Fans get collectibles autographed at 2013's Rock n Jock Expo. (courtesy Rock n Jock Expo)
Interview: Rock n Jock
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Fans of sports and of music are often passionate about collecting memorabilia, whether that means vinyl records, autographs, team photos or other collectibles.

The Rock n Jock Expo celebrates that intersection. Happening Saturday, March 21, at the New Hope Cinema Grill, the Rock n Jock Expo features DJ'd music by The Current's Jill Riley as well as liver performances by Michael Dermot and by Holly Hansen of Zoo Animal.

Among the sports personalities on hand will be a Minnesota North Stars goalie reunion; goaltenders from the entire history of the team, which spanned 1967 to 1993, will be at the event: Cesare Maniago, Carl Wenzel, Pete LoPresti, Gilles Meloche, Don Beaupre and Jon Casey.

Jill interviews event organizers Tommy Dehler and Shaun Hagglund about the event.

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  • Neal Broten
    North Stars alumnus Neal Broten (L) has participated in a previous Rock n Jock Expo. (Photo courtesy of Ross Bernstein)

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