9:30 Coffee Break: Outdated Cultural References

A Cheez Whiz ad from 1952.
A Cheez Whiz ad from 1952. (Courtesy of Kraft Foods)

Today we shared a story about how the planned merger of the H.J. Heinz Company and Kraft Foods Group may likely result in the demise of Cheez Whiz.

Since its introduction in the early 1950s, Cheez Whiz has found its way not only onto tables but also into pop culture, having been referenced in the film The Blues Brothers as well as in Beck's song, "Loser", which we spun earlier this morning.

It's just one example of how a songwriter takes a bit of a risk when he or she includes a cultural reference in song; specifically, that cultural reference may not stand the test of time.

And now with Cheez Whiz possibly heading for its ultimate sell-by date, it reminded us of a Coffee Break idea submitted by Becky Beyers of St. Paul, who recently suggested we explore songs with outdated cultural references.

Not to outdate ourselves, we should note we did this topic in August 2013 and played these songs:

Prince - "Kiss"
Weezer - "Buddy Holly"
Outkast - "Hey Ya"
The Beatles - "Back in the USSR"
Black Flag - "TV Party"

So for today's 9:30 Coffee Break, besides the songs listed above, what songs with outdated cultural references would you like to hear? Send us your requests.

Songs Played

Ray LaMontagne - "Drive-In Movies"
Bow Wow Wow - "C30 C60 C90 Go"
Joe Jackson - "Sunday Papers"
R.E.M. - "Star 69"
Paul Simon - "Kodachrome"

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