9:30 Coffee Break: Sexy Songs

Rex Manning from Empire Records
Rex Manning from Empire Records (Empire Records Facebook page)

April 8 is Rex Manning Day, a holiday created to commemorate the film Empire Records, which we'll be screening at the Fitzgerald Theater on Saturday, April 18, to round out Record Store Day.

In the film, Rex Manning is a fictitious '80s pop star who visits Empire Records to sign autographs and promote his new album in an attempt to revitalize his career. Most of the store's employees find Manning unappealing and insincere, especially given his over-the-top, sex-appeal schtick — except for Liv Tyler's character, Corey, who yearns to bring Rex his lunch.

But in honor of Rex Manning — "Rexy, you're so sexy" — we're putting together a Coffee Break that's perhaps a bit PG-13. Good thing Spring Break is over and the kiddies are back in school.

So for today's 9:30 Coffee Break, what songs do you want to hear that contain the word "sexy" or have an over-the-top sexy vibe? Send us your requests. Yowza.

Songs Played

Hot Chocolate - "You Sexy Thing"
Air - "Sexy Boy"
Rod Stewart - "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?"
The Beatles - "Sexy Sadie"
Apollonia 6 - "Sex Shooter"
Justin Timberlake - "SexyBack"

Do you deserve a Coffee Break? We at The Current's Morning Show think you do, and we want to bring treats from Black: Coffee and Waffle Bar to your workplace. Let us know why you'd like a Coffee Break.

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