9:30 Coffee Break: Twins

Twins manager Paul Molitor greets players baseball
Minnesota Twins manager Paul Molitor greets his players before a baseball game. (Carlos Osorio/AP)

Today at 3:10 p.m. at Target Field in Minneapolis, the Minnesota Twins will play their home opener versus the Kansas City Royals.

This past Saturday, Bill DeVille and David Campbell featured a Honey Do of baseball songs in honor of the Twins' home opener.

So for today's 9:30 Coffee Break, we'd like to share in the excitement for the Twins' home opener and blend it with a healthy dose of music trivia.

Specifically, what songs by bands that include twins — the genetic, sibling kind — in their lineups would you like to hear? Send your requests.

Songs Played

The National "Bloodbuzz Ohio" (Aaron and Bryce Dessner)

Tegan and Sara "Walking With a Ghost" (Tegan and Sara Quin)

The Cribs "Men's Needs" (Ryan and Gary Jarman)

The Bee Gees "To Love Somebody" (Robin and Maurice Gibb)

The Breeders "Do You Love Me Now" (Kim and Kelley Deal)

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins "The Big Guns" (Chandra and Leigh Watson)

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