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Friday Five: Justin Vernon covering Spoon, alone, at a keyboard in the woods

by Andrea Swensson

April 17, 2015

This is it, folks. The final stretch of the week and a crazy beautiful spring day, with the sunshine taunting us from the windows just beyond our cubicle walls. Did you know that watching music videos actually makes the workday end faster? It's true. It's science.

Justin Vernon, in the woods, covering Spoon

I believe this is what is called the "sensitive indie rock dude trifecta." Please tell me this is one of the secret surprises in store at the Eaux Claires Festival... because this seems like the perfect stumble on in the middle of the woods while wandering around a festival at 1 a.m.

Doomtree find out who's the boss

The quiet ones are always up to something...

SOFTPORECORN don bobbleheads

I dig this rap duo's style. And the fact that you can take them seriously even when they're wearing oversized cartoon bobbleheads says something. Check out more of their work on SoundCloud.

Bain's soulful vibe

Let's change up the vibe here and check out an intriguing, vibey new Sade-channeling soul group Bain. If you've been following the Friday Five lately, you already know that I think Jayanthi Kyle has a rad voice, and this is further proof that she can really change up her delivery to suit any number of styles. In Bain, she collaborates with guitarist and singer Davis Bain (hence the name) and keyboardist Erick "Afrokeys" Anderson. Find more music on their website.

Scott Wooldridge sings from the heart

We'll end things today with the latest from Scott Wooldridge, who has been gigging around town for years now but just released what his best album to date. There are no frills here, just clear, compelling, heartfelt roots songs with an alt-country bent. Wooldridge calls it a "wood-and-wire ethic," I call it plain good songwriting. He releases his new self-titled album on May 3 at Harriet Brewing.


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