Weekend Arts Roundup: A diversity of people and expression

Actress Joetta Wright in 'Pussy Valley'
Actress Joetta Wright in 'Pussy Valley', staging at the Mixed Blood Theatre in Minneapolis until May 10, 2015. (Rich Ryan)
Weekend Arts Roundup: May 7, 2015
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MPR News Arts Reporter Marianne Combs joins Jill Riley and Sean McPherson (in for Steve Seel) to talk about three shows that showcase a diversity of people and expression.

Turtle Voices: An Exhibition Of The Work Of Douglas K. Limón Douglas K . Limón is an enrolled member of the Oneida Nation in Wisconsin and a descendant of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe. He sews thousands of tiny glass beads onto a variety of materials to make a statement that is artistic and that preserves the history and culture of his Native American ancestors. On exhibit at the Textile Center of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Turtle Voices includes Limón's signature Turtle medallions, beaded cradleboards and Bandolier bags. Tonight from 6 to 8 p.m., there is an opening reception featuring live music and a talk by Limón.

Detroit '67 — Written by Dominique Morisseau, Detroit '67 centers on two siblings whose parents have died, leaving them with a house in Detroit. To make ends meet, the siblings host basement parties featuring Motown music and dancing. The parties become risky, however, as police begin to crack down on after-hours activities in Detroit's black neighborhoods. "This is a story that feels incredibly relevant, particularly given what's going on in Baltimore," Marianne says. Detroit '67 is on stage at the Penumbra Theatre in St. Paul through May 17.

Pussy Valley — This show, staging at the Mixed Blood Theatre in Minneapolis, is about four women trying to get by as they work at the Pink Pony, a strip club in the South. "I saw this show last Friday night — my husband and I were blown away," Marianne says. "It deals with issues around sex trafficking, pornography, homophobia — it's just got a lot going on in it, in a very edgy production that's getting rave reviews." Given the athleticism required for the play, actors in the show did a lot of training to do the pole dancing sequences. Pussy Valley continues through May 10.

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