Theft of the Dial: Kevin Parker and Jay Watson of Tame Impala

Tame Impala
Kevin Parker and Jay Watson of Tame Impala (MPR / Leah Garaas)
Theft of the Dial: Tame Impala
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Tame Impala, anticipating the release of their forthcoming third studio album Currents out July 17, 2015, stopped by The Current to record a Theft of the Dial before a sold out show in the First Avenue mainroom.

Frontman Kevin Parker and multi-instrumentalist Jay Watson kicked off their guest set with the epic "Let It Happen." When asked about the record skipping bit in the first single Parker says, "I like any kind of moment where it makes you sort of go, 'Oh, what the hell was that?' If you think you're stereo is broken for a second, I have a fetish for that kind of thing." It's not as easy as you might think. "Back in the day people discovered effects like delay. It made people feel like they were listening to a song in a canyon. Now, everyone knows that's delay, so you've got to find new ways to screw with people's heads."

Between songs, Kevin and Jay talk about working with Mark Ronson; making instrumental music engaging; and the story of how "'Cause I'm a Man" came to be.


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