Weekend Arts Roundup: Enhancing 4th of July Weekend

'Choir Boy' at the Guthrie Theater
Darrick Mosley (Robert "Bobby" Marrow III), Ryan Colbert (Antony Justin "A.J." James), John-Michael Lyles (Pharus Jonathan Young), Nathan Barlow (David Heard) and Kory LaQuess Pullam (Junior Davis) in the Guthrie Theater's production of 'Choir Boy' by Tarrell Alvin McCraney, directed by Peter Rothstein. (Heidi Bohnenkamp)
Weekend Arts Roundup: July 4, 2015
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MPR News Arts Reporter Marianne Combs joins Jade (in for Jill Riley) and Sean McPherson to talk about arts events to enhance a 4th of July weekend of barbecues and fireworks.

Patches and Stitches — This exhibition is a side-by-side exploration of two handmade art forms: "Patches," with its bold imagery, and "Stitches," the more dainty embroidery form. There are similar qualities to these two forms, but are expressed in very different ways. This show opens Friday night at Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis.

Choir Boy — This is the last weekend to see this play at the Guthrie Theater. Written by Tarrell Alvin McCraney, Choir Boy is a musical set in an all-male school dedicated "to the education of strong, ethical black men." One of the students wants to take the place as the leasder of the school's legendary gospel choir, but his differneces lead classmates to lash out. Choir Boy has received excellent reviews and features strong local talent. This is the play's final weekend at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis.

Sherlock Holmes and the Ice Palace Murders — Isn't the Ice Palace in St. Paul? Yes, this is a locally based play written by local playwright Jeffery Hatcher. Staging at the Park Square Theatre in St. Paul and running until July 26, Hatcher himself plays the role of the Holmes he created. "He's a great actor," Marianne says. "The idea of him stepping in to play this Sherlock he created thrills me no end."

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