9:30 Coffee Break: Not Just for Kids

Crayons (Albastrica Mititica - Creative Commons)

Earlier today, Jill Riley and Sean McPherson talked about a new trend among grownups: coloring books. Typically thought of as an activity for children, grownups are finding that filling in coloring books with crayons or colored pencils is a stress-reducing activity that can also be the framework for a fun and relaxing social gathering.

Considering that coloring is evidently an activity that both adults and kids can enjoy, it got us thinking about music that kids and adults can enjoy in equal measure.

So for today's Coffee Break, what songs do you want to hear that are equally enjoyable for kids and grownups? Send us your requests.

Songs Played

Ramones "Blitzkrieg Bop"
OK Go "Here it Goes Again"
The B-52's "Love Shack"
The Monkees "I'm a Believer"
The Beatles "Yellow Submarine"
Bob Marley and the Wailers "Three Little Birds"
A Band of Bees "Chicken Payback"
Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars "Uptown Funk"

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