Theft of the Dial: Megan James of Purity Ring

Megan James of Purity Ring
Megan James of Purity Ring. (Dave Lichterman/KEXP/NPR)
Theft of the Dial: Megan James from Purity Ring
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Megan James is half of electronic-music duo, Purity Ring (the other half being Corin Roddick). While Purity Ring were in Minneapolis to play a couple of shows in support of their most recent album, Another Eternity, Megan stopped by The Current for a Theft of the Dial with Jill Riley before Purity Ring's glowing show at First Avenue.

Because Purity Ring are from Edmonton, Alberta, in Canada, Jill says she feels a kinship with Megan, given the long winters experienced by the Twin Cities and by Edmonton. "I think that's a big part of the reason a lot of the music community exists as it does in Edmonton," Megan says. "I have a lot of appreciation for it there, and I think it's really due to this hibernation everyone goes through."

Megan also describes the theatrical nature of Purity Ring shows. "Because we are electronic music, playing that live, you can't just set up and play like you do at home because there's not that much too it," she explains. "It's really important to us to make a performance and a show something people hopefully can stick around and watch for 45 minutes to an hour. Also, for us, having the visuals is a way to make performing more entertaining, because we do it every day."

Hear some of Purity Ring's music and learn a bit about the band's likes and influences as Megan James of Purity Ring takes over The Current's airwaves as guest DJ on Theft of the Dial.


Purity Ring - "Push Pull"
Faith Healer - "Until the World Let's Me Go"
Tame Impala - "Eventually"
Braids - "Miniskirt"
Born Gold - "I Want to be Naked"
A$AP Rocky - "LSD"
Mew - "Water Slides"
Purity Ring - "Bodyache"

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