Covered: The Beatles

The Beatles in 1965
Check out our new station on Slacker Radio -- packed with Beatles covers by a variety of bands -- in honor of the Beatles' 1965 visit to Minnesota. (public domain image/MPR graphics)

      It was 50 years ago this month — Aug. 21, 1965, to be exact — that the Beatles visited Minnesota for the first and only time. The Fab Four and played their only Minnesota concert at the Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington, Minn., now the site of Mall of America.

To commemorate the Beatles' only visit to the Land of 10,000 Lakes, The Current and Slacker Radio have put together a playlist of some of the best Beatles covers, for Slacker Radio. We're calling it Covered: The Beatles.

So sit back and enjoy these covers — and as you do, you can browse the photos of the Bob Bonis Archive, believed to be the only close-up photos that exist of the Beatles as they played an 11-song set from the middle of the infield to a Met Stadium filled with 30,000 music fans.

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