9:30 Coffee Break: Back to School

U.S. School Children go back to school
A group of second-graders on the first day of school. (John Moore/Getty Images)

Calendars may differ from school district to school district, but on the day after Labor Day — whether it's your second week or your official start — kids everywhere are going back to school.

The bright-yellow school buses are rolling, the crossing guards are standing at corners and parents are posting first-day photos aplenty on Facebook.

The first day of school represents different things for different people: a sense of possibility, a return to routine, a wave of nostalgia. Whatever the first day of school means to you, there's likely music that accompanies it. Let's build a playlist of those songs.

So for today's 9:30 Coffee Break, what songs do you want to hear for the first day of school? Send us your requests.

Songs Played

Rockpile "Teacher Teacher"
Pink Floyd "Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2"
Jackson 5 "ABC"
The White Stripes "We're Going to be Friends"
Jerry Lee Lewis "High School Confidential"
The Suburbs "Chemistry Set"
Brownsville Station "Smokin in the Boys Room"

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