First Listen: Wand, '1000 Days'

Wand - 1000 Days
'1000 Days,' the new album from Wand, comes out September 25 on Drag City. (Album art/Drag City)
Grave Robber
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| 00:03:34
  • Grave Robber 03:34
  • Broken Sun 02:45
  • Paintings are Dead 01:47
  • Dungeon Dropper 02:15
  • Dovetail 04:07
  • 1000 Days 02:44
  • Lower Order 03:40
  • Sleepy Dog 02:38
  • Stolen Footsteps 02:53
  • Passage of the Dream 03:40
  • Little Dream 00:38
  • Morning Rainbow 02:36

Dear listener,

As a band we compose ourselves in flashes, fragments, failures. One of our strengths is that when I write things, I don't know what they mean, and I give the song to the others, and they know what I mean, and we can start piecing the songs together. I'm terrible at seeing things through... that was my big lesson, I guess. Things are better now. Next question. Natural sound is so rich, so interesting. The interesting thing about electronic sound is that it's so easy to manipulate. It's never the instrument that gives you the answer, it's YOU that finds the answer. The answer is like a wound you noticed later, after the fact. I feel alienated from my work, my loved ones, and I have no idea who I'm hurting and in what capacity I am making the world a harder place for others to live. I got carried away. I embarked on a series of wildly inventive solo albums using multiple tape records, chance procedures. I died. I want to make a kind of music that is like a landscape that invites the listener to enter. Not with me as a guide: "here is the landscape, you find your way through it". I didn't want to be there all the time. The truth is... we didn't do anything for too long, so restarting took some time. "I will do absolutely anything you say." Music and performing doesn't make sense... it is my job. Music is very physical... often the body feels it before the head. If the curtain was open and everything was there... there'd be nowhere to go. We have a very good arrangement with the studio, we can effectively work on credit. We always had a little dream of taking this and putting it out on the stage. At a certain point... To write something over a period of time, to improve it, to get closer to it. I mean you know you'll never get there, and that's a cliche' of course. But there's a lot of fun to be had while trying to do that.

We knew what not to do, that's what we did do. I'll tell you later.

Down with American Imperialism,

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