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The O.K. Show, Episode 6: Hard-touring rapper Astronautalis talks about staying sane on the road

Photo by Nate Ryan/MPR
Photo by Nate Ryan/MPR
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by Andrea Swensson

October 28, 2015

Astronautalis is a man on the move. Few artists tour as relentlessly, freestyle so rapidly, and shift between projects so effortlessly. If you’ve ever seen him perform, you probably already know that this is a man with a busy mind and a long train of racing thoughts.

In the past year alone, Astronautalis—known off stage as Andy Bothwell—has toured most of the U.S. and Europe; performed alongside Justin Vernon, S. Carey, and Ryan Olson in their bizarro Southern rap meets electro side project Jason Feathers; and assumed the role of the town priest at the Eaux Claires Festival, inviting fans into a confession booth to share their secrets and receive a one-on-one freestyle response.

When he’s not on the road playing music he’s been on the road exploring his new loves of riding motorcycle and taking photos; even in his quieter moments, he’s still in motion, always pushing forward in the search of the next adventure.

For anyone who has dealt with anxiety, you might already get a sense for where this story is going. What happens when we don’t stop moving, ever? When we don’t take the time to care for ourselves and give ourselves a break? In Andy’s case, his darker moments of self-doubt have thrown up a wall between his mind and his creative output, and it culminated in what he describes as a simultaneous nervous breakdown, existential meltdown, and mid-life crisis back in 2012.

Since then, Andy has started speaking out about the pressures that musicians and other creative types face to constantly make new material, and how he regained a sense of control and found a new sense of peace. He’s getting ready to put out a new record early next year, and he says it’s the most "Andy” record he’s ever made.

I couldn’t wait to ask him more about what it’s been like to share his mental health experiences with the community, and how it’s helped him to move forward as a healthier, happier person.


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