Cube Critic: 'Spectre'

Daniel Craig stars as James Bond in 'Spectre'
Daniel Craig stars as James Bond in 'Spectre'. (Jonathan Olley/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures/Columbia Pictures)
Cube Critic: 'Spectre'
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MPR Cube Critic Stephanie Curtis joins Jill Riley and Sean McPherson to talk about the new James Bond film, starring Daniel Craig.

"I'm not that a big Bond fan, but I'm a Daniel Craig fan and I'm also a fan of the ridiculous locations," Stephanie says.

This is the fourth Daniel Craig movie, and the film's structure ties together Craig's past loves, old enemies and past plots. "Apparently [Craig] is signed up to do five films, but he says he doesn't want to do any more," Stephanie says.

Spectre also includes tributes to past Bond films, notably a reference to On Her Majesty's Secret Service. "But it does get a little tiring, it's over two hours long. There's one action sequences too many," Stephanie says.

Although Stephanie says it's not as good as Skyfall, "It's a pretty good Bond film," she says. "If you want a big, blockbuster action film, go."

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Spectre is rated PG-13 and is showing at theaters everywhere.

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