Spoon release 'Gimme Fiction' 10th anniversary deluxe reissue


Spoon's Gimme Fiction turns 10 (Merge)

As all great rock bands do with great rock records, Spoon has reissued their fifth studio album, Gimme Fiction, to mark the 10th anniversary of its release.

The deluxe two-CD box set features the full original 11-track album and unreleased home demos of favorites including "I Summon You," "My Mathematical Mind" and a piano version of "Sister Jack," plus two songs that didn't make the album: "I've Been Good Too Long" and "Dear. Mr. Landlord."

Spoon paired the deluxe reissue with an oral history about the making of Gimme Fiction via Gimme Facts. Frontman Britt Daniel shares memories of writing and recording "I Turn My Camera On":

"I Turn My Camera On" was intended to be a dance song from the beginning but if it was about anything, it was about getting to a place where you're untouchable. About putting a camera in front of your face, so that you have this thing there, some distance ... Emotional distance.

From the first demo of "Camera On," I thought, "This is something else" The demo itself was just an acoustic guitar and a xylophone and my vocal, and I thought that was pretty special. And then once Jim came up with that beat, it was a beat I never would have predicted ... We'd never really done anything like it before. Once we got started with Mike we recorded that one very early on and I just felt like, "Wow, we have this in our back pocket. I know this is a hit."

The Gimme Fiction 10th anniversary deluxe reissue could be yours – enter for your chance to win the box set using the form below!

And, since Spoon are Rock the Garden alumni (class of '14), The Current is happy to announce that tomorrow morning (Thursday, Jan. 7) we'll be revealing details for Rock the Garden 2016! Stay tuned.

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