Tracy Mumford: Books on the big screen in 2016

Tracy Mumford
In 2015, MPR News's Digital Books Producer Tracy Mumford read her height in books. (Tracy Mumford)
Tracy Mumford: Books on the big screen in 2016
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MPR News's Digital Books Producer Tracy Mumford joined Jade and Sean to talk about two great things – movies and books.

For those that prefer to read the book before the movie, Tracy said the big one for 2016 is going to be "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies".

"If you've just read 'Pride and 'Prejudice', you've missed out on the undead version," Tracy said. "If you want to see Elizabeth Bennet killing the undead all over the English countryside, it's your time."

Though the book is a comedy, the movie will trend toward the terrifying side. "Zombies are pretty scary even if there are some laughs in between," Tracy said.

Alice and Wonderland is coming back to the big screen in 2016 with "Alice Through the Looking Glass". "If you're into wacky/zany adaptations of that, that's coming back for you," Tracy said.

If you're looking for a book/movie experience to share with your kids, Steven Spielberg has adapted "The BFG". "It makes me want to say delumptuous or hopscotchy or any of the giant's weird language," Tracy said. "I'm definitely going to go back and read 'The BFG' before this summer."

Finally, you can see Tina Fey starring in "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" this year. The book it's based on is called "The Taliban Shuffle". It's a journalist's memoir of reporting in Pakistan and Afghanistan in the early 2000s," Tracy said. "It's all the pitfalls of trying to figure out how to report from that region and as a woman."

Tracy Mumford is MPR News's Digital Books Producer. You can read more of her articles and book reviews here.

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