The Current's March Music Madness 2016

March Music Madness 2016
Who will take home the title of The Current's 2016 March Music Madness bracket? (MPR)

Two years ago at college basketball tournament time, The Current tried an experiment: We invited our listeners to vote on their favorite artists to choose who would advance in a tournament-style bracket. The results? Never mind who won (okay, it was the Beatles and David Bowie) – you were really into it. So, of course, we knew we had to do it again!

Just like the NCAA bracket, we have 64 contestants. Unlike past years where we've selected a range of different artists — past and present — that we play on The Current, this year has a new twist: — all 64 teams are artists from the 21st century. The shot clock is ticking. Who makes the three-point jump for your love? The White Stripes or the Strokes? St. Vincent or Santigold? Alabama Shakes or My Morning Jacket?

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Here's how The Current's March Music Madness works: from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. March 15-18, 2016 we're open a new match online every 30 minutes for you and other listeners to vote on. As each round ends, a new one begins. And in case you need a refresher, you can hear back-to-back songs by the artists going head-to-head at the top of each hour and half hour on The Current.


Note: Registration is only needed once. Once you're registered, you're good to vote in every matchup.

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How to Participate in The Current's March Music Madness

Here's everything you need to know to make the most of The Current's March Music Madness.

Download a PDF of the bracket, print it off and pencil in your picks. Before the teams tip off, we want to see your predictions.

Share a photo of your predictions on Twitter and Instagram using the #MarchMusicMadness. We'll archive 'em here on the site so you can prove later that your perfect bracket beat the odds of 1 in 9.2 quintillion.

While you're on Twitter, follow along and to connect with other listeners. The reaction GIFs that emerge after an upset are priceless.

Register using the form above. We'll send you a friendly reminder to vote plus a rundown of the previous day's results as voted by listeners of The Current.

Starting Tuesday, March 15 at 9 a.m. CT, vote for your favorite band or artist every half hour from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. through March 18, 2016. Pro tip: Leave the voting page open, set an alarm for the top of every hour and half hour, refresh and vote.

Text "bracket" to 677677 to receive push notifications on your phone. We'll let you know when the The Current's Sweet 16, Elite Eight, etc. polls open.


Note: Multiple votes from the same IP address are automatically disqualified, so please don't induce unwarranted carpal tunnel syndrome.


The White Stripes 58.1%

The Black Keys 41.9%

Third-Place Game:

The Strokes 40.1%

Alabama Shakes 59.9%


Alabama Shakes 42.1%

The Black Keys 57.9%

The White Stripes 72.1%

The Strokes 27.9%


The Black Keys 58.2%

Gorillaz 41.8%

Alabama Shakes 50.3%

Arcade Fire 49.7%

St. Vincent 43.4%

The Strokes 56.6%

The White Stripes 67.5%

LCD Soundsystem 32.5%

Gorillaz 53%

Florence + the Machine 47%

The Black Keys 70%

Metric 30%

The Killers 38.2%

Arcade Fire 61.8%

alt-J 38.3%

Alabama Shakes 61.7%

The Decemberists 43%

The Strokes 57%

St. Vincent 50.8%

Amy Winehouse 49.2%

LCD Soundsystem 50.8%

Bon Iver 49.2%

The White Stripes 72.9%

Vampire Weekend 27.1%

That concludes #MarchMusicMadness voting for Thursday! See you back here on Friday at 9 a.m. CT!

The Avett Brothers 47.5%

Florence + the Machine 52.5%

Tame Impala 44.7%

Gorillaz 55.3%

Animal Collective 30.4%

Metric 69.6%

The Black Keys 66.7%

Sufjan Stevens 33.3%

Queens of the Stone Age 30.8%

Arcade Fire 69.2%

Kendrick Lamar 47.5%

The Killers 52.5%

Spoon 44%

Alabama Shakes 56%

Adele 42.9%

alt-J 57.1%

The Decemberists 57.9%

Franz Ferdinand 42.1%


The Strokes 58.1%

Amy Winehouse 62%

Kings of Leon 38%

Mumford and Sons 45.7%

St. Vincent 54.3%

Yeah Yeah Yeahs 46.5%

Bon Iver 53.5%

LCD Soundsystem 53.9%

Atmosphere 46.1%

Vampire Weekend 54%

Death Cab for Cutie 46%

The White Stripes 70%

Father John Misty 30%

That concludes #MarchMusicMadness voting for Wednesday! See you back here on Thursday at 9 a.m. CT!

Florence + the Machine 70.7%

tUnE-yArDs 29.3%

The Avett Brothers 56.9%

Ryan Adams 43.1%

Gorillaz 63.9%

Phoenix 36.1%

Muse 49.6%

Tame Impala 50.4%

Metric 65.9%

Hot Chip 34.1%

Kanye West 33.2%

Animal Collective 66.8%

Brandi Carlile 49.2%

Sufjan Stevens 50.8%

The Black Keys 77.5%

Kurt Vile 22.5%

Arcade Fire 65%

The Hold Steady 35%

Queens of the Stone Age 54.1%

TV on the Radio 45.9%

The Killers 55.8%

Jenny Lewis 44.2%

Kendrick Lamar 71.7%

Macklemore 28.3%

Alabama Shakes 62.7%

My Morning Jacket 37.3%

Spoon 57%

The National 43%

Disclosure 20%

alt-J 80%

Adele: 54.6%

Tegan and Sara: 45.4%

That concludes #MarchMusicMadness voting for Tuesday! See you back here on Wednesday at 9 a.m. CT!

Coldplay 43.4%

Franz Ferdinand 56.6%

The Decemberists 64.3%

Neko Case 35.7%

The Strokes 75.8%

Matt and Kim 24.2%

Lorde 43%


Kings of Leon 50.1%

Arctic Monkeys 49.9%

Amy Winehouse 61.7%

Sharon Jones 38.3%

St. Vincent 70.3%

Santigold 29.7%

Mumford and Sons 50.1%

Fleet Foxes 49.9%

Bon Iver 55%

The Shins 45%

Courtney Barnett 47.3%

Yeah Yeah Yeahs 52.7%

Atmosphere 59.8%

Feist 40.2%

LCD Soundsystem 65.5%

M.I.A. 34.5%

Death Cab for Cutie 69.4%

Beach House 30.6%

Vampire Weekend 61.6%

Conor Oberst 38.4%

Father John Misty 85.6%

Interpol 14.4%

The White Stripes 74.1%

Lana Del Rey 25.9%

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