Prince Remembered: A podcast about his music, life and legacy

Prince Remembered
The Prince Remembered podcast is a collection of conversations we've had with musicians, critics, reporters and friends about Prince. (MPR)

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Prince Rogers Nelson left this universe behind on April 21, 2016, leaving fans worldwide in mourning. Maybe nowhere in the world has felt this loss as profoundly than Prince's home state of Minnesota.

There's a popular expression in Minnesota that "everyone has a story about Prince." There's a lot of truth to that; ask most folks from Minnesota — and especially the Twin Cities — and they often can share a story of not only seeing Prince in concert, but seeing him at a supermarket, a dance club, the airport, a record store.

And then there are those who truly knew Prince; they worked with him, they collaborated with him, they reported on his artistry. Prince knew these people by name. And while the stories of seeing Prince perform live or of running into him at the airport are certainly fun, it's the stories of those who knew him best that shed even more light on the musical icon.

Here at The Current, Prince was more than an artist; he was our friend. That's why, in memory of the Purple One, we're sharing the many conversations we've had with musicians, critics, reporters and others about Prince: his life, his music and his legacy. Listen above, or subscribe to The Current's Prince Remembered podcast.