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Sheila E. says Paisley Park museum, Minneapolis tribute concert planned

by Jay Gabler

April 25, 2016

Sheila E., the musician who was a longtime friend and collaborator of Prince, says that there are plans to open Paisley Park as a museum, and that she's the musical director of a tribute concert being planned for Minneapolis.

Speaking Sunday with Entertainment Tonight, Sheila E. described the private memorial service held for Prince on Saturday at Paisley Park. She described "listening to his music at a very low soft volume and the room very low in lights and everyone just taking a moment."

She says Prince was "working on" Paisley Park being a museum, and that his survivors plan to move forward with those plans. Prince's Chanhassen home and studio is filled with memorabilia from throughout his career, and was the site of many recordings and performances. Update: Prince's brother-in-law has confirmed that "We will turn Paisley Park into a museum in Prince’s memory."

In the nearer term, Sheila E. told Entertainment Tonight, she's the musical director for a planned tribute performance with "all the original people," to take place in Minneapolis. No firm plans regarding date, time, or venue have yet been determined. "We're working on it," she said.

Sheila E. had a top-ten hit with Prince's song "The Glamorous Life" in 1984, and the two were romantically involved for a time.

On Thursday night outside First Avenue, a number of local musicians paid tribute to Prince with a spontaneous concert; watch and listen here.

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