Theft of the Dial: Cage the Elephant

Cage the Elephant
Matthew Schultz and Brad Schultz of Cage the Elephant at The Current (MPR / Leah Garaas)
Theft of the Dial: Cage the Elephant
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Before their big gig at the Target Center, Matthew Schultz and Brad Schultz of Cage the Elephant stopped by The Current to curate a playlist and take over our airwaves with a Theft of the Dial.

As "Cold Cold Cold" off Cage's latest Tell Me I'm Pretty kicked off the set, Brad tells host Mark Wheat that it was the first song written and set the raw, gritty tone for the album. "We were looking for a classic sound and the spirit that early rock 'n' roll had," says Matthew, referencing the Zombies and Herman's Hermits.

The playlist doesn't feature Matthew's musical hero John Lennon ("Even though he was looked at as a brash person, I think sometimes it takes that kind of person to say the things that need to be said," explains Matthew). Instead, it leans heavy on young, up-and-coming acts including Broncho, Twin Peaks and Sunflower Bean, all bands that Cage the Elephant has brought on tour with them. "It's always been an important thing for us to bring out younger bands that we love and believe in to help them get a leg up because we've been very blessed with bands that have done that for us," explains Matthew, citing Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters. Established acts have done more than just that for Cage the Elephant: Dave Grohl stepped in for a few shows when drummer Jared Champion's appendix burst!

Two veterans made their way into the playlist. "I was blown away by the whole record, Mala, Devendra [Banhart]'s last record," says Matthew. "It still lives very much in the Rolodex of what he does but at the same time it's very current; It feels super informed but still playful. He's pulling from some really obscure places, some really cultured places and it sounds really authentic. It doesn't sound like someone who's trying to sound like Brazilian folk or Argentinian roots."

And then there's Brian Eno, a dream producer of sorts for Matthew and Brad. Brian Eno, if you're reading this, come on down and producer Cage the Elephant's next record.

Theft of the Dial: Cage the Elephant Playlist

Cage the Elephant - "Cold, Cold, Cold"
Deerhunter - "Snakeskin"
Sunflower Bean - "Wall Watcher"
Twin Peaks - "Butterfly"
Broncho - "Senora Borealis"
Brian Eno - "Baby's On Fire"
Devendra Banhart - "Fur Hildegard von bingen"
Cage the Elephant - "Trouble"

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