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Friday Five: Fury Things, Ness Nite, and more new Minnesota music videos

by Cecilia Johnson

June 24, 2016

All week, I've been excited for today, and not just because it's Friday. A few extra-special videos have made their way onto this week's round-up — including a Fury Things premiere, a Fort Wilson Riot premiere, and a Ness Nite gem — and I can't wait for the world to see them.

Fury Things, "Bahia"

Fury ThingsVHS aesthetic prevails in this video for "Bahia," The Current's free Song of the Day today. The bright, fuzzed-out clamor can almost effect paralysis, so plan for five minutes and fifteen seconds of being cemented to the screen.

Ness Nite, "Yes"

This week, Ness Nite unveiled a video for her best song yet. "Everyone involved was magic," she said. "Also, everyone in the video is a POC!" Full of bold stares and spooky flames, the video shows a powerful Nite surrounded by her team.

Fort Wilson Riot, "City of Eyes"

Amy Hager and Jacob Mullis — better known as Fort Wilson Riot — deal with a pesky tag-along in their new video. Here's hoping he leaves them alone during their July 1 show.

"A Moment in the Sun at Rock the Garden"

Meet the person inside the Flaming Lips' giant sun at Rock the Garden: Gabriela Baka, a Walker Art Center design fellow. She tells the whole sun story.

Ally Mattson, "The Bones of Bandits"

Ally Mattson performs from new album The Bones of Bandits and details its making-of in the same video.

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