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Finalists announced: The Current's Local Music Exchange

Polls are now open for The Current's Local Music Exchange contest!
Polls are now open for The Current's Local Music Exchange contest!MPR graphic / Sladjana Dirakovic
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September 11, 2016

Farewell Milwaukee - Hurt No More
by MPR
Fort Wilson Riot - Yes Indeed
by MPR
Holidae - Darkest Shade
by MPR
Frankie Lee - High and Dry
by MPR
Eric Mayson - Capital
by MPR
Mina Moore - Mori
by MPR
Ness Nite - Sigh
by MPR
Sleeping Jesus - California at Dawn
by MPR
The Social Disaster - Gold
by MPR
Tufawon - Solstice 2
by MPR
Warehouse Eyes - Without You Or Me
by MPR
ZULUZULUU - What's the Price
by MPR

The Current wants to share great Minnesota music with the world, so we've partnered up with Manitoba Music – Winnipeg to swap two bands from each city for the ultimate Local Music Exchange.

In addition to being highlighted on The Current's airwaves, the four finalists in this Local Music Exchange — two from Minnesota, two from Manitoba — will be booked for a Nov. 12 gig in Winnipeg and a Nov. 10 at the 7th St. Entry, exposing acts from each city to new and thriving music scenes.

Last year, The Current listeners voted Gospel Machine and Reina Del Cid as winners of the first annual Local Music Exchange.

Now in it's second year, The Current's Local Music Exchange is crossing country lines ... and you decided what acts will represent Minnesota on the bill!

Finalists Announced!

Your votes are giving Minnesota acts ZULUZULUU and Sleeping Jesus an extra push beyond the border! They'll play Nov. 12 at Le Garage in Winnipeg and Nov. 10 at the 7th St. Entry in Minneapolis with Manitoba-based groups Lanikai and Micah Erenberg.

In addition to the Winnipeg-bound ZULUZULUU and Sleeping Jesus, Minnesota runner-ups Holidae, Mina Moore and Farewell Milwaukee will be featured on The Current's airwaves Nov. 4 to 10.

On-Air Highlights

At 6:30 p.m. CT Nov. 7 to 11 host Mark Wheat will highlight the top five acts from each city, two each night. Click each Minnesota act's song link to download a free MP3!

Monday, Nov. 7:
Farewell Milwaukee – "Hurt No More" (Minnesota)
Micah Visser – "I Will Not Return as a Tourist" (Manitoba)

Tuesday, Nov. 8:
Mina Moore – "Mori" (Minnesota)
Slow Leaves – "Nostalgia" (Manitoba)

Wednesday, Nov. 9:
Holidae – "Darkest Shade" (Minnesota)
Adam Hanney & Co. – "Architects" (Manitoba)

Thursday, Nov. 10:
Sleeping Jesus – "California at Dawn" (Minnesota)
Lanikai – "Stay a Little Longer" (Manitoba)

Friday, Nov. 11:
ZULUZULUU – "What's the Price" (Minnesota)
Micah Erenberg – "I Just Wanna Sleep Forever" (Manitoba)

The Current's Local Music Exchange Contest Finalists

Dizzy Fae
Farewell Milwaukee RUNNER-UP
Fort Wilson Riot
Frankie Lee
Eric Mayson
Mina Moore RUNNER-UP
Ness Nite
Sleeping Jesus WINNER
The Social Disaster
Warehouse Eyes