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Friday Five: Mark Mallman, Atmosphere, and more new Minnesota music videos

by Cecilia Johnson

August 05, 2016

Mark Mallman, "The End Is Not The End"

Following in his creative video-making tradition (see: "Terrified" and "It's Good To Be Alive"), Mark Mallman plays with images using Prisma, a photo-animating app. The video jumps into the in between, showing people in dreams both individual and somehow shared. It's split-screen; it's "both and"; it's questioning — and it urgently defies any typical narrative arc. As Mallman puts it, "This isn't a song about finding an answer, it's a song about being open to the answer.”

Atmosphere, "Pure Evil (feat. I.B.E)"

Atmosphere's new video (off their album Fishing Blues) sees a cop redefine his identity, sailing through isolated landscapes along with a dark, omniscient song.

Theo Brown, "Dreams"

Theo Brown's new video series, Theo Brown Music Presents, couldn't have gotten off to a better start. The first of the series's guests, neo-soul artist Sankophoenix, nails her Fleetwood Mac cover.

Undlin & Wolfe, "Time Is On My Mind"

Undlin & Wolfe (Siri Undlin and Dexter Wolfe) are pensive in "Time Is On My Mind," a black-and-white music video produced and directed by Scotify. Back from a short hiatus, the alt-folk duo play Honey on August 11, joined onstage by Pat Keen and current Staves drummer Diamond Dave Power.

Tufawon, "Send Off"

Tufawon explores some of Earth's most beautiful territory in his best video yet. It's all superlatives here; traveling through Nicaragua and Costa Rica, the rapper invites viewers along on his travels and through his life story.

Look out for EP The Homecoming, which is set to release early this month.

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