Rising duo Lewis Del Mar talk roots, debut EP

Lewis Del Mar
Max Harwood and Danny Miller of Queens duo Lewis Del Mar (Courtesy of the artists/Daniel Topete)
Interview: Lewis Del Mar
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Longtime friends Max Harwood and Danny Miller first met in fourth grade. Now, performing under the moniker Lewis Del Mar, the Queens-based duo is touring in support of their debut EP (aptly titled EP).

While EP racks up millions of streams, Harwood and Miller remember the nights they played shows in near-empty rooms. Their future as musicians was uncertain.

"We were really low, and we didn't really realize it," says Miller.

"We were having a ton of fun, we were learning a lot, and I think that when you get to that point and you're not questioning [performing] at all, you pass a threshold ... you know it's what you have to do."

Then Harwood and Miller got (even more) serious about making music together.

"We were really focused on the creative process first and really focused on writing and recording music that got us excited," says Harwood.

"We spent three years in New York in my bedroom recording songs just trying to make something different. The fact that the way the world works now, with technology, that you can put out a song, and solely based on its uniqueness, it opened so many doors for us, that's a really beautiful thing."

Lewis Del Mar play the Triple Rock Social Club on Saturday, Oct. 15. EP is out now via Columbia Records.