Music News: Watch Bon Iver play '8 (circle)' on 'The Tonight Show'


Bon Iver perform on 'The Tonight Show'
Bon Iver perform on 'The Tonight Show' (NBC)

On Wednesday night, Bon Iver went on The Tonight Show to play "8 (circle)," a song from their forthcoming album 22, A Million. "This guy's always doing something amazing, we just love this guy," said host Jimmy Fallon. "This whole record, I don't even know how you can describe it with all the different symbols and things on it." (City Pages)

Skepta surprises with Mercury win

This year's Mercury Prize for best British album has been awarded to grime artist Skepta, whose Konnichiwa beat out albums by artists including David Bowie and Radiohead. (Pitchfork)

New trailer for Joe Strummer movie

There's a new trailer for London Town, a forthcoming film that centers on "teenage punk who crosses paths with Joe Strummer," reports Pitchfork. The film opens on Oct. 7.

Gaga announces new album filled with alt collabs

Lady Gaga has officially announced her next album. Joanne comes out Oct. 21; it features contributions from artists including Kevin Parker, Mark Ronson, Josh Homme, Father John Misty, Florence Welch, and Beck. (Pitchfork)

Billboard crunches No. 1 numbers

Are chart-topping artists getting younger? Yes, but not as quickly as you might expect. The average age of an artist with a number one hit in the 1960s was 27.2 years old, reports Billboard; in the current decade, it's 26.8. Since the 1960s, the decade with the oldest chart-topping artists (on average) was the 1980s — when classic rockers like Paul McCartney, Aretha Franklin, and Stevie Wonder continued to land number ones.

Dwight goes purple

Dwight Yoakam has recorded "Purple Rain," radically reimagining the Prince classic for his forthcoming album Swimmin' Pools, Movie Stars... (Sept. 23). (Rolling Stone)

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