Music News: Hibbing High congratulates Bob Dylan

Hibbing High School congratulates Bob Dylan
Hibbing High School congratulates Bob Dylan (Hibbing High School, via Facebook)

"This is a first for us!" writes Hibbing High School, congratulating their alumnus Bob Dylan on his Nobel Prize win. Meanwhile, Dylan has announced a new version of his complete lyrics collection, out Nov. 1.

New Bowie songs

The three final songs recorded by David Bowie in the studio will be released on the upcoming cast recording album from the musical Lazarus. Two of the songs have been shared via the BBC, and Rolling Stone has links to both.

Today's Prince estate news

Judge Kevin Eide is hearing arguments as to whether descendants of the late Duane Nelson are entitled to a share of Prince’s estate. Though Duane's birth certificate indicated that he and Prince had the same father, and Prince referred to Duane as his brother, it turns out that Prince's father was not in fact Duane's biological father. Prince's sister and five half-siblings say that should preclude Duane's descendants from collecting a share of the estate, while two of Duane's descendants say they should be cut in. (Pioneer Press)

Harry Shearer sues Spinal Tap

Harry Shearer, an original member of the semi-fictional band Spinal Tap, has sued the company that owns the hit 1984 film This is Spinal Tap. Shearer contends that he, the band's two other members, and director Rob Reiner are collectively entitled to 40% of the film's net receipts, but that they've been paid only scant amounts for decades. (Billboard)

Why Oasis aren't on the Trainspotting soundtrack

Rachel Fleming, the costume designer for the 1996 cult classic Trainspotting, says that Oasis turned down an offer to appear on the film's soundtrack because Noel Gallagher thought the drug-abuse drama was literally "about train spotters. I didn't know." (Consequence of Sound)

Invisible Boy announces debut album

Invisible Boy (Chris Bierden of Poliça) has announced a debut album, which comes out Nov. 11. Hear "All the Kids," a song from that album, at Brooklyn Vegan.

Today's White House news

What does the President of the United States of America listen to when he works out? Australian singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett, it turns out — along with Beyonc̶, Nina Simone, and Sting, all of whom are on Barack Obama’s workout playlist.

Obama is also apparently a fan of Chance the Rapper and Frank Ocean: he invited the two musicians to the last state dinner he'll host as president. (Consequence of Sound)

Negativland package ashes with album

Negativland are taking their conceptual music beyond the grave. Copies of the band's new album The Chopping Channel come packaged with plastic bags containing small amounts of the cremated remains of late band member Don Joyce. "We are pretty sure he would have wanted it this way," say the band, who swear the stunt is "not a hoax." (Stereogum)

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