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A conversation with Richard Shindell

Radio Heartland's Mike Pengra (left) with singer-songwriter Richard Shindell.
Radio Heartland's Mike Pengra (left) with singer-songwriter Richard Shindell.Luke Taylor | MPR
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by Mike Pengra

November 09, 2016

Poetic, witty, intense, colorful, thoughtful … these are just a few adjectives I would use to describe Richard Shindell's songs. Each one is full of imagery and could be a mini novel, a movie or even a painting, and Shindell's latest album is no exception. Careless was released this past fall, and it's a recording that's been ready for a while now. Shindell recorded it and mastered it even before he and Lucy Kaplansky did their Pine Hill Project recording and tour back in 2015.

Shindell says he constantly tinkers with songs. He changes words, comes up with new musical riffs and instrumentation groupings. Maybe that's why the finished product is as good as it is. Careless is full of stories — some based on real people, some not. But you'd swear Shindell has lived each song himself.

Richard Shindell is just beginning the second leg of his U.S. tour in support of Careless, and he found time to stop by the Radio Heartland studio to talk about the album.

Tracks Played

"All Wide Open"
All tracks from Richard Shindell's 2016 album, Careless, released on Amalgamated Balladry.


Richard Shindell - official site

Pine Hill Project's Richard Shindell
Richard Shindell, photographed during a 2015 visit to Radio Heartland.
MPR photo/Nate Ryan