DJ Pick of the Week: Jade, PWR BTTM, 'Projection'


PWR BTTM are a queer punk band consisting of Ben Hopkins and Liv Bruce. The band was formed at Bard College where Bruce and Hopkins bonded over a mutual interest in bringing elements of performance and drag artistry into DIY culture. (Ebru Yildiz)
PWR BTTM - Projection
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Liv Bruce and Ben Hopkins started making music together in 2013, put out their first record in 2014, toured and gained a following in 2015, and got signed by Polyvinyl Records earlier this year. If they keep up the momentum, they should be the biggest thing in music by 2018.

The self-defined queer punk duo make music for the disaffected. They embrace the strange, the sarcasm, the cynical — coat it in glitter and make something sweet. On stage, PWR BTTM own your attention with costumes and a hearty swagger. They trade off singing tongue-in-cheek lyrics about love, sex and loneliness while rocking out. This is cathartic music.

The song "Projection" is one of their more introspective songs. It's about feeling like you don't fit in, your "skin isn't made for the weather." Delicate vocals grow loud and gain confidence over guitars swirling a repetitive beat and crashing drums building to an aggressive release.


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