Music News: Rolling Stones' dirty apartment becomes a museum exhibit


Watts, Wood, Jagger, and Richards
Ronnie Wood, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Charlie Watts arrive for the private view of 'The Rolling Stones: Exhibitionism' at the Saatchi Gallery on April 4, 2016 in London, England (Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

A 1962 apartment shared by the Rolling Stones has been carefully recreated — "complete with dirty dishes, beer bottles and blues records," reports Billboard — for the band's museum exhibit, which has just opened in New York City after a stint in London. "It's very redolent of the space," says Mick Jagger, "and it smells like it and feels like it."

Elvis doc slated for HBO

A new documentary about Elvis Presley is being completed for HBO. The three-hour, career-spanning two-part documentary will feature "'unprecedented access to Graceland archives,' never-before-soon photos, footage from inside Presley's homes and new interviews with musicians, producers, engineers and directors that worked with 'the King,'" reports Rolling Stone.

Remembering two music notables

David Mancuso has died of undisclosed causes at age 72. Mancuso, a DJ, was the founder of the Loft club in New York. Fostering a welcoming atmosphere for LGBTQ patrons, Mancuso is remembered for bringing "egalitarianism to the dance floor since 1970," as a statement from the Ninja Tune electronic label puts it. (Rolling Stone)

Billy Miller has died of multiple myeloma at age 62. Miller co-founded Norton Records, "a home for rockabilly, roots music, rare indie records and soul releases, often mining the obscure to shine a light on unheralded genres and artists," notes Billboard.

Kraftwerk cleared to play Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires officials have reversed an earlier position and agreed to allow a Nov. 23 concert by electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk. A permit for the show was delayed due to a ban on electronic music festivals, imposed after five people died of drug overdoses at a Buenos Aires festival this spring. (Billboard)

Nile Rodgers tapped for SXSW keynote

SXSW has announced that the keynote speaker at next spring's conference will be Nile Rodgers of Chic. Rodgers will follow past keynote speakers including Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen. (Billboard)

Lin-Manuel Miranda talks about being bullied by Immortal Technique

Lin-Manuel Miranda tells Marc Maron of the WTF podcast that the rapper Immortal Technique "was our school bully" at Hunter College High School. "He terrorized kids, he threw them in the garbage. I got thrown in the garbage by him." Miranda went on to praise Immortal Technique for his adult-life music and political activism. (Billboard)

Today's peacock news

Vegas legend Wayne Newton is in hot water with his neighbors over bad behavior by his alleged peacocks. The birds have been "squawking, scratching family cars and creating a traffic hazard," reports Billboard. "We heard something on our roof that scared us to death," one neighbor told the local paper. "We thought a burglar was breaking in, but it was a bunch of peacocks."

Newton no longer lives at the property in question, which has been turned into a museum spotlighting his career. The singer's lawyer says the birds aren't theirs. "We've never bought a peacock. We've never brought in a peacock. These are feral peacocks. It's a neighborhood problem, not a Newton problem."

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