Music News: Paisley Park selling replicas of Prince's Cloud guitar


Prince plays his Cloud guitar
Prince plays his Cloud guitar in 'Purple Rain' (Warner Bros.)

Paisley Park has begun taking preorders for authorized replicas of Prince’s iconic "Cloud" guitar — as famously seen in Purple Rain. "Available in two color types (White and Blue), these new Signature Models will be manufactured by Schecter Guitars and will only be available on-site at Paisley Park," according to the venue. The guitars, which are expected to ship by March 1, cost $1,750 each.

Malcolm McLaren's son keeps promise to burn $6 million of punk memorabilia

Earlier this year, Joe Corre — the son of the late Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren — vowed to burn his personal collection of punk memorabilia, valued at $6 million. On Saturday, Corre kept that promise, setting the stash aflame aboard a boat on the River Thames. The bonfire, timed to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the release of the Sex Pistols' debut single "Anarchy in the UK," was described by Corre as an act of protest against punk rock being turned into nostalgia and celebrated by corporations and politicians like those the original punks detested.

"You can buy McDonald's punky nuggets," said Corre. "An Anarchy in the UK credit card at 19 percent APR. Punk rock car insurance and bondage trousers from Louis Vuitton. And London is being socially cleansed and turned into a theme park for corporations, chain stores and speculators who don't pay their taxes." (Billboard)

Elton John denies inauguration booking reports

A representative for Elton John has denied reports that the legendary singer-songwriter will perform at the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump. The reports, which stemmed from comments made last week by Trump advisor Anthony Scaramucci, are "not true," according to John's rep. "He will not be performing." (Rolling Stone)

Remembering Pauline Oliveros

Experimental musician Pauline Oliveros has died at age 84. Oliveros is known as a pioneer of ambient music, coining the phrase "deep listening" to describe a state of "listening in every possible way to everything possible to hear no matter what one is doing." (Pitchfork)

Blame Billy Joel for the Boss's breakdown

None other than Billy Joel built the motorcycle Bruce Springsteen was riding on Veterans' Day when he had a breakdown and was rescued from the side of the road by, appropriately, veterans. Joel built the bike for the Boss in 2013, after Springsteen admired a similar model in Joel's collection.

The Piano Man told a concert audience at Madison Square Garden that when he read about Springsteen's breakdown, he called and was chagrined to discover the problematic bike was in fact the one he had built. Springsteen doesn't have any hard feelings, though, according to Joel: when Billy apologized, Bruce just said, "No problem." (Daily Mail)

Aretha wows with soulful National Anthem

Minnesota Vikings fans were distraught when their team blew a lead and lost to the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day, but the game's real winner may have been Aretha Franklin — who wowed the pregame crowd with a slow and soulful rendition of the National Anthem. Once the game started, CBS included her on a graphic showing time of possession: Vikings 10:48, Lions 14:37, Franklin 4:35. (Billboard)

Kanye's childhood home to become community arts center

Hip-hop artist Rhymefest says he's purchased the Chicago childhood home of Kanye West, with plans to convert it to "a state-of-the-art recording studio, a curriculum space for @dondashouse and Southside music museum." Donda's House is an organization named after West's late mother, founded by West and Rhymefest to provide arts education access to youth. (Rolling Stone)

Today's holiday sweater news

If you're looking for a new holiday sweater this year, at least two prominent music artists are ready to hook you up.

Run the Jewels have unveiled a new line of "Run the Yules" Christmas-wear, "perfect for your next ugly-sweater party."

Then there's Neil Diamond, who's just released his fourth holiday album, An Acoustic Christmas. To promote the release, Diamond's started selling seasonal merch — including ornaments, and sweaters with text you can sing to the tune of "Sweet Caroline."

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