Top 89 of 2016: The Current Staff Picks

Top 89 of 2016
The Current staff shares their top picks for 2016 (MPR graphic)

What are your favorite songs of the past year? That's the big question to ask yourself.

Music isn't like the film industry, where all the award-worthy stuff is released at roughly the same time of year; great music comes out all year round. And since there has been so much amazing music released in 2015, it might seem like a daunting task to try to narrow it all down now. But the time to compile your year-end music lists has come.

Vote for your Top 89 of 2016!

That's where The Current's staff can help. Because they sample a huge pool of music every year, The Current's on-air hosts and producers can help to remind you of great tunes and albums as you get ready to pick your faves. (And remember: You'll be entered for a chance to win a $300 Electric Fetus gift certificate and tickets to The Current's Birthday Parties at First Avenue on Jan. 27 and 28!)

As we celebrate the best music of 2016 with your votes, we'll be revealing each of The Current staffers' picks here. We hope you find these lists helpful and entertaining as you get ready to cast your votes in The Current's (second) biggest music poll of the year.

On-Air Hosts

DJ Shannon Blowtorch, host

Bill DeVille, host

Jade, host

Lindsay Kimball, assistant program director and host

Mary Lucia, host

Jim McGuinn, program director and host of Teenage Kicks

Sean McPherson, host

Shelley Miller, host

Mike Novitzki, host of The Duluth Local Show

Brian Oake, host of Oake & Riley in the Morning

Jill Riley, host of Oake & Riley in the Morning

Jake Rudh, host of Transmission

David Safar, music director and host of New Hot

Andrea Swensson, host of The Local Show and Local Current blogger

Mark Wheat, host

Mac Wilson, host


Brett Baldwin, managing digital producer

Jay Gabler, digital producer

Leah Garaas, digital producer

Cecilia Johnson, Local Current blogger

Daniel Nass, digital producer

Scott Olstad, digital commerce

Nate Ryan, multimedia producer

Derrick Stevens, producer

Andrea Swensson, Local Current blogger and host of The Local Show

Luke Taylor, digital producer

Anna Reed, producer of Oake & Riley in the Morning

College Contributors

Simone Cazeres, college contributor

Peter Diamond, college contributor

Michael Flicek, college contributor

Hannah Hron, college contributor

Emmet Kowler, freelance photographer

Lillian Speakman, college contributor

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