Music News: Bon Jovi to pick local opener for St. Paul show


Jon Bon Jovi performs in 2011
Jon Bon Jovi performs in 2011 (Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

Bon Jovi are playing the Xcel Energy Center on March 27 — it will be the band's eighth show there since the arena opened in 2000 — and they're inviting local artists to submit "audition videos" to be considered for the opening slot. The Pioneer Press notes that Bon Jovi have a habit of holding contests like this. When Bon Jovi came to St. Paul in 2010, "semi-finalists were chosen by an online vote and singer/songwriter Alison Scott was inadvertently declared one of the winners." Jon Bon Jovi personally invited Scott to perform anyway, and now she remembers the show as "the experience of a lifetime."

Today's political/Springsteen news

In a Wednesday press conference, president-elect Donald Trump promised that some "tremendous talent" will perform at his inauguration next week.

Among that talent: the B Street Band, a group that call themselves the world's #1 Bruce Springsteen tribute band — and are also fluent in the repertoires of Billy Joel, John Mellencamp, and '70s disco. They'll be performing at a Jan. 19 inaugural ball hosted by New Jersey governor Chris Christie — who's an avid Springsteen fan, despite the fact that the Boss has repeatedly made clear that his politics do not agree with Christie's. The B-Streeters previously performed at Christie's own gubernatorial inauguration party, after Springsteen himself declined.

(The Boss had his own announcement this week: he'll be leaving his personal archives at New Jersey's Monmouth University, which will establish a special center to house them.)

The B Street Band have this to look forward to: they may be roasted by Snoop Dogg, who's promised to mock any artists who perform at the inauguration.

Meanwhile, other musicians are organizing to challenge Trump's political agenda. Cher (whose Twitter feud with Trump was so infamous, it was mentioned by Hillary Clinton) and Katy Perry will be among the participants in a Women's March on Washington on Jan. 21. Kelly Deal (the Breeders, R. Ring) appears in a new video from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, speaking favorably of the Affordable Care Act, which she's rallying to save as Republicans pledge repeal.

Prince estate to pick new administrator

Prince’s estate is due to pick a permanent administrator this week; Bremer Trust, which has administered the estate since Prince's death, has said that it does not want to continue. Prince's siblings are also discussing who to name as personal representatives to advise the administrator on the management of Prince's music and legacy. On Jan. 21, the estate will need to pay a hefty tax; since Prince did not leave a will or do any apparent estate planning, the tax could come to as much as half the total value of the estate. (Billboard)

Kim Gordon gets "interrogated"

Kim Gordon participated in an unusual interview for Huck Magazine. Blindfolded, the Sonic Youth co-founder was "interrogated" with questions about art, conformity, and aesthetics. (Rolling Stone)

St. Vincent releases new horror film trailer

St. Vincent makes her directorial debut with The Birthday Party, a segment of the horror anthology movie XX. The movie hits theaters on Feb. 17. (Pitchfork)

From Shakespeare to MJ

Actor Joseph Fiennes plays Michael Jackson in Urban Myths, a forthcoming British TV movie. The casting of Fiennes, a white man, has been controversial. "I wrangled with it," says Fiennes about his decision to play the late King of Pop. Bob Dylan also appears in the comedy, played by Eddie Marsan. (Billboard)

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