Actual Wolf premieres gorgeous new single 'Baby Please'

Actual Wolf
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Actual Wolf - Baby Please
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A lot of band names contain the word "wolf," but according to one of his friends, Eric Pollard is the Actual Wolf. A veteran of bands such as Low and Retribution Gospel Choir, Pollard took that title and ran with it in 2012, creating a side project that eventually became an entire band. Amid some trouble with drug charges, he produced a plethora of music, writing and recording USA, Lightning & the Wolf, ACTUAL WOLF, and Itasca over the years. This May, fifth album Faded Days comes out after two years of work. "With this record," Pollard says, "I feel like I've found a specific songwriting voice." Hear it for yourself on Faded Days's lead single, "Baby Please," a beautiful, smudgy callback to '70s soft rock.

Checking in with The Current, Pollard said, "I'm off probation and living in Oakland, California. I've also spent 2 years in the music city of Nashville, Tenn. and learned a lot about the music business side of things. There are also some things that are just better left up to mystery. If anything...I've become more involved in my character and am actively trying to distance myself/keep myself from the constant criticism loop of day-to-day living and the lazy cycle of one sheets, head shots and phony balogna feathers in your western hat Americana/Country/industry Cracker Barrel BS."

He enlisted a fantastic roster for Faded Days, returning to work with Jeremy Hanson (Tapes 'n Tapes, Tungsten), Jake Hanson (Gramma's Boyfriend, 12 Rods, Halloween, Alaska), Steve Garrington (Low, the Erik Berry Duo), and adding the help of Ditch Kurtz (a pedal steel guitarist from Nashville). Pollard says, "We also got a lot of vocal help from Al Church. Brad Bivens was really a huge help on the sound of the record and he brought a ton of experience to the project, as did Justin Francis. I'd also like to thank Oscar Windsperger, Flip Arkulary and Aaron Markson for letting me borrow guitars for recording and Haley for her constant inspiration."