DJ Pick of the Week: Mary Lucia - Haley Bonar, 'Stupid Face'


Haley Bonar performs in The Current studio
Haley Bonar performs in The Current studio (Nate Ryan | MPR)

Haley Bonar's latest album, Impossible Dream, is filled with songs that are complicated in nature, yet somehow universal to us who don't always feel comfortable in our own skin.

Haley's voice is like honey, and I love the way she thinks. She does not have everything all figured out, but she has some dreamy ideas. She has consistently made compelling records for years, and I for one am always looking forward to what she has to say next. As a live performer, Haley is seasoned and confident with style to spare.

I have no idea what Haley's song "Stupid Face" is exactly about, and it doesn't really matter to me. If she's singing it, I'm listening to it.

Haley Bonar, "Stupid Face"


Haley Bonar - official site

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