Interview: Patti Smith talks artistry, Bob Dylan tribute, 'Horses' anniversary

Patti Smith and Mark Wheat
Patti Smith with host Mark Wheat at The Current (MPR / Nate Ryan)
Interview: Patti Smith
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"I feel very much connected with the songs," says Patti, who is on tour performing her iconic album Horses in its entirety.

"Because of my nature, I wanted to [record] an album that was authentic," says Patti Smith, "I didn't really make use of production or arrangements, I just wanted us to sound the way we were."

Translating albums to audiences 40 years after their initial release is a feat, and it helps that Smith is backed by original Horses performers, guitarist Lenny Kaye and drummer Jay Dee Daugherty, who have been playing with Patti for more than 40 years. The band is rounded out by Tony Shanahan, Smith's bassist for 20 years, and her son, pianist Jackson Smith.

Horses translates to audiences 40 years later because of its lyrical and instrumental open-endedness, too.

"I can always bring in any present considerations, concerns, emotions," says Patti.

Patti Smith goes on to speak about her tribute to Bob Dylan at the 2016 Nobel Prize Ceremony. Stream the full interview using the audio player above.

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