Music News: U2 announce 'Joshua Tree' 30th anniversary reissue


30th anniversary 'Joshua Tree' artwork
30th anniversary 'Joshua Tree' artwork (U2)

U2’s classic album The Joshua Tree turned 30 years old on Thursday, and the band marked the occasion by announcing a new reissue edition. The album was previously reissued for its 20th anniversary...but that wasn't a super deluxe edition.

As Pitchfork notes, the new edition "includes the original 11-song album, a live recording of their Joshua Tree Tour 1987 show at Madison Square Garden, rarities and b-sides from the recording sessions, new remixes by Daniel Lanois, Jacknife Lee, and others, and an 84-page hardcover book of previously unreleased photos taken by the Edge during the band's iconic Mojave Desert 1986 photo session."

The super deluxe edition comes out June 2, as the band celebrate with an anniversary tour that — sorry — is not coming to Minnesota. (Pitchfork)

Lorde announces album date

Lorde has announced a release date for her second album: Melodrama will be out June 16. She's also shared a second track, following "Green Light": a ballad named "Liability." (Rolling Stone)

Is this the first time the Beatles were ever filmed?

A newly-surfaced film dating from 1958 may contain the earliest existing moving images of Paul McCartney and John Lennon. The Liverpool Echo noticed that a vintage Liverpool police recruitment film contained footage of the city's annual police horse and dog display — and the camera shows McCartney's childhood home, with a distant group of figures standing on a shed watching the display.

Contacted about the film, Paul McCartney's brother Michael McCartney responded, "Wow! That could definitely be us. It was a really big occasion in Liverpool and that's what we used to do every summer — take deck chairs and climb onto the concrete shed and watch a free show. And I think there is every chance John would have been there that year — absolutely. His friend, Pete Shotton, was a police cadet. And George [Harrison] could easily have been there, too. It's bloody mad — absolutely fascinating and unbelievable!"

The possible glimpse of the Beatles comes at 34:33: they're the group of figures standing above the crowd in the distant background. The paper confirmed the film's year was 1958, not 1950 as the video caption suggests. (Billboard)

Lionel and Mariah cancel local tour date

Lionel Richie and Mariah Carey have cancelled their scheduled March 24 tour stop at the Xcel Energy Center, along with some other early shows on their planned "All the Hits Tour." Later shows on the tour have been postponed, as Richie recovers from a knee procedure. "I don't want to disappoint my fans," Richie wrote in a statement, "and I look forward to being back on stage so we can all be 'Dancing on the Ceiling' together again."

Remembering First Avenue's biggest fan

Longtime Twin Cities concertgoer Mary Ellen Loney died suddenly last month, after a recent illness, at age 66. City Pages writer Tiger Lunney has published an essay paying tribute to the woman who general manager Nate Kranz describes as "the number one regular and the biggest fan of First Avenue."

"She wasn't just there to hang out and be seen," remembers former First Avenue bartender Paul Wentzel, "she was there as a friend and music lover. She cared about the employees, and the employees cared about her."

Mac DeMarco sings to dogs

In a promotional video for his forthcoming album This Old Dog (May 5), Mac DeMarco performs the album's title track at a dog grooming parlor. "Though I may not be speaking about a real dog," says the singer-songwriter in the video, "this is what my press will probably look like for the next two years." (Pitchfork)

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