DJ Pick of the Week: Chastity Brown, 'Wake Up'


Jill Riley talks about her DJ Pick of the Week for March 20, 2017: Chastity Brown's "Wake Up." (Luke Taylor | MPR)
Chastity Brown - Wake Up
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My DJ Pick of the Week is a local artist, Chastity Brown. Chastity was just a guest on Oake and Riley in the Morning for International Women's Day, and she stopped by and did the Vinyl Tap pick of the morning. It was a lot of fun to hang out with her.

It's also been a lot of fun to watch Chastity's career blossom since she moved to the Twin Cities from Tennessee in 2006. She has enjoyed an amazing growth as an artist — and she's having an amazing year as we're looking forward to her new record, Silhouette of Sirens. The big news about the album is that Chastity Brown signed to Red House Records, so congratulations are due to her for that.

On June 2 at the Fitzgerald Theater, Chastity is playing a show to celebrate that new record, and it's part of MPR's ongoing 50th anniversary celebrations.

But we've been loving the new Chastity Brown song, "Wake Up," so that's my DJ Pick of the Week.


Chastity Brown - official site

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