Music News: Tegan and Sara blast YouTube over 'restricted' designation of LGBT content


Tegan and Sara at The Current
Tegan and Sara at The Current (Nate Ryan/MPR)

Tegan and Sara are publicly criticizing YouTube for blocking their video "U-Turn" along with other LGBT content in the site's "restricted" mode — a popular tool for parents and teachers who want to keep children from seeing inappropriate content.

"As many YouTubers began pointing out beginning late last week, that feature, when activated, is censoring videos merely referencing same-sex issues, including coming-out videos," reports Billboard.

"Nothing gay in it [except] us," tweeted Tegan and Sara about the "U-Turn" video. "Our dancing is pretty bad. Must be why?" They also retweeted a fan who described the video as "essentially sisters on Sesame Street."

In response to the criticism, YouTube first issued a statement saying in part that "LGBTQ+ videos are available in Restricted Mode, but videos that discuss more sensitive issues may not be." Later, the platform added that they're working to fix the issue of "videos that have been incorrectly labeled." (Pitchfork)

Chuck Berry's cause of death (partially) revealed

Chuck Berry’s death on Saturday was reportedly due to natural causes, and no autopsy is planned. It remains unclear specifically what diseases might have contributed to the rock legend's sudden demise at age 90. (Billboard)

Hanks to interview Springsteen

Tom Hanks will interview Bruce Springsteen on April 28 at the Tribeca Film Festival. "Although these longtime friends are megastars," reports the New York Times, "the focus of this event will be Mr. Springsteen: his 40-plus years as a leading musical voice of working-class America, and what his ambitions are for the future."

Today's release news

Gorillaz have announced a vinyl reissue of their 2005 album Demon Days. "The remastered record is available as a 2xLP pressed on 'translucent red vinyl,'" notes Pitchfork, "and comes with a Gorillaz sticker pack, as well as a 12x12 art print by Ariel Roman." The Demon Days reissue will be, at least initially, sent exclusively to members of the Vinyl Me subscription service. The group have an entirely new album expected later this year, and they're playing their own Demon Dayz festival in July.

Danzig have announced their 11th studio album, which will be their first collection of original material in seven years. Black Laden Crown comes out in mid-May, and after their Blackest of the Black festival later that month, they'll head out on a tour celebrating the 25th anniversary of the album Danzig III: How the Gods Kill. (Pitchfork)

Pre-natal, post-dubstep

Natalie Portman’s baby bump stars in a new video for James Blake—s "My Willing Heart." (Rolling Stone)

We are the champions...of the board

Brian May has announced that a special Queen edition of Monopoly will be released in May. "The board is emblazoned with a classic live photo of the rock icons," notes NME, "while the plot of the game has changed from amassing property to following the successful career of the band — from their very first gig at Imperial College in 1970 to their last show with Freddie Mercury at Knebworth in 1986. Meanwhile, the Monopoly game pieces have been changed to symbols to represent the band's back catalogue — including a radio from 'Radio Ga Ga,' a cyclist for 'Bicycle Race,' a robot for 'News of the World,' a hammer for 'Hammer To Fall,' a vacuum cleaner for 'I Want To Break Free,' and Brian May's signature guitar."

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