Music News: You can buy David Bowie's apartment - and his piano with it


The interior of a New York apartment formerly owned by David Bowie
The interior of a New York apartment formerly owned by David Bowie (Corcoran)

A Manhattan apartment formerly owned by David Bowie and his wife Iman has been listed for sale at just under $6.5 million. A bonus, for fans: the three-bedroom apartment, which was Bowie's from 1992 to 2002, still contains a Yamaha piano that also belonged to the star. You can also step into the master bathroom and consider the fact that Bowie and Iman formerly had it converted to a panic room, to have been used in the case an intruder gained access. (Rolling Stone)

If your rock memorabilia budget isn't quite that high, how about this item instead? A skinny suit worn by John Lennon during his Beatle days is going up for auction on Thursday, starting at $50,000 — and surely going up from there. (Esquire)

Remembering music greats

A public memorial for Chuck Berry has been announced. On April 9, there will be a public viewing at the Pageant, a St. Louis concert venue near the club where Berry had a residency for almost 20 years. "The public viewing will be followed by a private service for the late songwriter's family and friends," reports Spin.

George Michael has been laid to rest in a private ceremony that took place on Wednesday. "Family and close friends gathered for the small, private ceremony to say goodbye to their beloved son, brother and friend," according to a statement from Michael's estate. (Rolling Stone)

Two Minnesota music notables have also recently passed.

John Carl Ylvisaker was called "the Bob Dylan of Lutheranism" for his popularity as a composer of contemporary Lutheran music. (He was also the father of guitarist Jeremy Ylvisaker.)

Gary Arnold ran Best Buy's music department for a number of years starting in the 1990s, turning the Richfield-based chain into an industry powerhouse with hard-to-beat prices and exclusives from artists like Roy Orbison.

Amber Coffman on leaving Dirty Projectors

Amber Coffman has released a statement on parting ways with Dirty Projectors in the wake of her breakup with former bandmate and boyfriend Dave Longstreth. Her forthcoming solo album was produced by Longstreth, just released a Dirty Projectors album without her, so things are...complicated. (Stereogum)

Dave and I indeed broke up in the summer of 2012, after a 6 year relationship. After a long tumultuous period, we managed to patch things up enough to leave the future open, and in 2014 we gave working together on my music a test run. Eventually I brought him on in a greater capacity as a producer, he moved to LA and we recorded my album at his newly built studio in 2015. All went considerably well, but things took an unfortunate downturn around the completion of my record, at which time we stopped speaking.

It was never my intention or wish to leave the band or end my friendship with Dave. It was a surprise to me to learn last September about his album plans, the content, timing, use of the band name, etc... I consider it a loss to no longer be involved with Dirty Projectors, but ultimately walking away was the only healthy choice for me.

I'm really proud of the album I made and my hope is that people will listen to it on its own terms. I've waited a long time to share it and I'm looking forward to it.

Lana Del Rey shares album title, trailer

We still don't know exactly when the new Lana Del Rey album is coming out, but we now have a title — Lust for Life — and a video trailer. (The Fader)

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