Music News: Legal Eagles ready a suit for the Hotel California


The Eagles' 'Hotel California,' and the Hotel California in Mexico
The Eagles' 'Hotel California' album cover, left, and the Hotel California Todos Santos in Mexico (Asylum/Hotel California Todos Santos)

The Eagles don't like it when you take the names of their songs and use them for commercial purposes. That's why Don Henley sued the Duluth Trading Co. for making a "Take it Easy" henley pun, and that's why the entire band have now filed suit against the Hotel California. The band argue that the Mexican hotel is capitalizing on the band's success.

There are a couple of ironies here. One is that the Mexican Hotel California first opened under that name in 1950, well before the Eagles' classic 1976 album. The band, however, note that the hotel has since had several changes of name and ownership; they say it reclaimed the original name only to spuriously imply an Eagles connection.

The second irony is that what might be called the actual "Hotel California" — its real name is the Beverly Hills Hotel — once threatened legal action against the Eagles for using the hotel's image on their album cover without permission. When the album became a massive hit, though, the hotel's bookings boomed and the owners decided that being appropriated by the Eagles wasn't such a bad thing after all. (Rolling Stone)

In other legal news, the Fyre Festival has been hit with a second class-action lawsuit. "After being hit by a $100 million class lawsuit," reports Rolling Stone, "Ja Rule and Billy McFarland are the target of another suit that accuses the duo of breach of contract, fraud and negligent representation."

Remembering Kevin Garcia

Bassist Kevin Garcia has died after suffering a stroke at the young age of 41. Garcia was a member and co-founder of the alternative rock band Grandaddy, who have just released their first album in 11 years.

"We were all able to say goodbye to him and he was surrounded by his closest friends and family here in Modesto," wrote the band in a statement. "Kevin started playing with Grandaddy when he was 15. He was an actual angel. He navigated life with a grace, a generosity and a kindness that was utterly unique. And contagious. He is loved so deeply by so many." (Rolling Stone)

Radiohead announce OK Computer reissue

After teasing that they were going to do something to mark the 20th anniversary of OK Computer, Radiohead have made it official: they'll reissue the album in a package called OKNOTOK, with three previously unreleased tracks. The new/old tracks are "Man of War," "I Promise," and "Lift."

Why wait so long to put this music out? According to band member Ed O'Brien, they started to play the song live while touring with Alanis Morissette before the release of OK Computer, and realized it had the potential to become the kind of hit that would take their career in a different direction.

"Probably we'd have sold a lot more records," O'Brien now tells the BBC, but "if OK Computer had been [as popular as] Jagged Little Pill, it would've killed us."

The reissue, which also includes eight B-sides, comes out online June 23 with physical editions to follow. A boxed edition will have extensive notes and artwork, as well as a cassette mixtape with demos and session recordings. (Pitchfork)

Mud Hens salute Beatles

As the landmark Beatles album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band approaches its 50-year anniversary on June 1, tributes are being planned all over. One of the strangest comes from the Toronto Mud Hens: the minor-league baseball team will wear Pepper-themed jerseys for their June 16 game against the Gwinnett Braves. Not a bad time — if you can't make it to the Minnesota Twins' Prince night, happening that same evening in Minneapolis. (Billboard)

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