Music News: Treehouse Records to close on Dec. 31


Treehouse Records
Treehouse records in Minneapolis (Treehouse Records)

Treehouse Records, located at the corner of 26th and Lyndale in Minneapolis, is closing on Dec. 31. Owner Mark Trehus says he's ready to retire, and he's in the process of planning a special send-off event for customers. (GoMN)

It's too soon to tell what will become of the space after Trehus leaves, but if it stops being a record store, it will mark the end of an era in Twin Cities music. Under its former name Oar Folkjokeopus, the store was a central hub for the Minneapolis indie rock scene that produced bands like the Replacements, Hüsker Dü, and the Suburbs. In a new oral history of that scene, radio host Kevin Cole says the store was "the internet of the mid- and late 1970s" for local rock bands.

Loretta Lynn suffers stroke

Country legend Loretta Lynn suffered a stroke on Thursday night at her home in Nashville. She is currently hospitalized and has postponed her upcoming tour, but the singer-songwriter, 85, is "expected to make a full recovery," according to a statement on her website. (Rolling Stone)

Jack White gives a peek inside his record factory

Jack White opened the doors of his new Third Man Records factory to give a tour to CBS This Morning. The plant has recently begun production and is now almost complete, as the first new record factory to open in Detroit in over half a century. (Rolling Stone)

American Idol is coming back

American Idol, one of the the popular reality shows of all time and a star-maker that's launched dozens of careers, was canceled just last year — and already, there are plans for the show to come back. After 15 seasons on Fox, the Hollywood Reporter reports that ABC is close to making a deal to revive the show.

Kanye disappears from social media

Kanye West, one of the music industry's most notorious tweeters, has now disappeared from Twitter — and Instagram. Between the two accounts, the hip-hop star had tens of millions of followers. The reasons for the shutdown are unknown, but many are speculating it's tied to a series of public spectacles that led to the early ending of his tour last fall. Since then, West has kept a lower public profile. (BBC)

Drake gives Downie his due

Rap star Drake gave a respectful welcome to his fellow Canadian Gord Downie at Friday night's Toronto Raptors game — bowing to the Tragically Hip frontman and giving him a hug. Seeing the two artists together provided at least some solace to Raptors fans who subsequently watched their team lose 115-94 to the Cleveland Cavaliers. (Billboard)

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