The Current's Instant Band: Watch on Facebook Live, June 23 at noon CDT

The Current's Instant Band
The Current's Instant Band: 6 unrelated artists on stage, playing together for the first time and you're providing the lyrics. (MPR Graphic / Sam Trewick)

Six musicians who have never played in a band together walk into a studio and... what happens next? You can help us figure it out.

We put together a super group of local musicians including Gabriel Douglas, deM atlaS, Al Church, James Buckley, Mary Bue, and Little Man. On Friday, June 23 at noon, we'll broadcast their improvisations together, and that's where you come in... we'll take suggestions via the comments on the Facebook Live stream from you and your friends for what lyrics, styles, etc. the band should play.

We'll take the best suggestions and feed them to the band in near real-time. The band, in turn, will incorporate the suggestions into the songs they're playing. If you think someone else has a good suggestion, "like" or "love" their comment and it's more likely to get thrown into the mix.

The Current's Instant Band

Al Church
Gabe Douglas
deM atlaS
Mary Bue
James Buckley
Chris Perricelli (aka Little Man)