For 24 hours straight, Asgeir is taking requests and pressing them to vinyl

Asgeir Is Taking Requests And Pressing Them To Vinyl
For 24 Hours Straight, Asgeir Is Taking Requests And Pressing Them To Vinyl (courtesy the artist)

Have you ever done anything for 24 hours straight other than binge-watch Game Of Thrones before a new season starts? This guy spun a fidget spinner for a full day, so you know, the sky's the limit. Endurance tests now just seem like excuses to sit on your butt and get praise for it.

Ásgeir, the Icelandic artist with the crystalline falsetto, wants to elevate the 24-hour challenge. Starting at 1 p.m. ET today, he will record stripped-down versions of his songs (and some covers) directly to 7" vinyl via Icelandic national television and a YouTube live stream. Fans can request songs using the hashtag #asgeirstraighttovinyl and by commenting on YouTube. An "international scavenger hunt" for physical copies of the music has been promised, to be announced at some later point.

Now the real question is: What sort of studio madness will occur once sleep deprivation kicks in? Will Asgeir turn songs from Afterglow into a nightmarish jigsaw puzzle, à la Captain Beefheart's Trout Mask Replica? Stream to find out!

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Ásgeir - official site

RÚV - Iceland National Television (in Icelandic)

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