Music News: Unreleased Michael Jackson album going up for auction


Michael Jackson in 2009
Michael Jackson in 2009 (CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/Getty Images)

A CD described as "Michael Jackson’s personally owned copy of his final album" is going up for auction. The disc, with the title Bible handwritten on its surface, is described as containing 12 tracks: three released in different versions on the posthumous album Michael, and nine previously unreleased.

The disc was owned by an unnamed personal friend of Jackson's, and will be sold as part of an online music memorabilia auction that runs from July 19-28, with multiple other Jackson-related items (for example, a "Smooth Criminal" fedora) also being sold. Minimum bid for the disc is $50,000, and there's an important catch: its owner can listen to the music, but can't legally reproduce or distribute the songs. (Billboard)

Here's the Michael version of the opening track, "Monster."

In other Michael Jackson news, the star's estate is partnering with CBS to produce an animated Halloween special that will contain the King of Pop's music.

The hourlong special, set to debut this fall, will feature "a young duo named Vincent and Victoria who "accidentally" meet on Halloween night. Alongside a dog named Ichabod, Vincent and Victoria wind up at 777 Jackson Street at the mysterious — and aptly named — This Place Hotel (a reference to the Jackson's 1980 song of the same name). Inside the This Place Hotel, Victoria, Vincent and Ichabod embark on a journey that ends with a dance finale featuring an animated Michael Jackson." (Rolling Stone)

Remembering Ray Phiri

South African jazz vocalist and guitarist Ray Phiri has died of cancer at age 70. Phiri is well-known in his home country and among jazz fans, but is best known to most music fans for playing guitar and creating arrangements on Paul Simon’s classic album Graceland and participating in the subsequent tour. (NPR)

Bowie box set to spotlight Berlin Trilogy

Exciting news for fans of David Bowie’s Berlin Trilogy. The third in a series of detailed, career-spanning box sets will cover Bowie's career from 1977 to 1982, centering on Low, "Heroes," and Lodger. The set's rarities include the first-ever CD release of the 1982 EP Baal.

David Bowie A New Career in a New Town (1977-1982) will be out Sept. 29 on 11 CDs or 13 vinyl records. (Consequence of Sound)

Loretta Lynn postpones album release

Loretta Lynn has canceled the remainder of her 2017 tour dates and postponed the release of her forthcoming album Wouldn't It Be Great. "My main focus now is making a full recovery so that I can get back to putting all of me into what I love, sharing my music with all of you," says Lynn, who is recuperating from a stroke she suffered in May. (Pitchfork)

Coldplay jam with fan who crowdsurfed in wheelchair

An Irish Coldplay fan named Rob got to play harmonica with Chris Martin in front of 83,000 fans after Martin spotted Rob crowdsurfing in a wheelchair. Rob later explained that the crowd lifted him up after a fellow fan accidentally fell on him and wanted to make amends. After bringing Rob onstage, Martin improvised a song about Dublin. (Rolling Stone)

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