Matthew Sweet revisits the '90s and looks to the future


Matthew Sweet
Matthew Sweet's new album, "Tomorrow Forever" (Honeycomb Hideout)
Matthew Sweet Interview
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Matthew Sweet is the sort of guy that rolls with the punches. Life knocks him down and he dusts himself off and keeps doing the only thing he's ever wanted to do — make music.

While in town playing a sold out show at the Turf Club, Sweet shared the story of his early connection to R.E.M's Michael Stipe. "I gave a tape of some demos to Michael [Stipe]," Sweet shared, "and he wrote me a postcard and said 'I like this music', and it meant the world to me."

Listen to the audio player above to hear Sweet discuss his '90s classic, Girlfriend, explain why it's been so long since he last put out a full-length album, and reminisce about that one time he was on The Simpsons.

Matthew Sweet's new album, Tomorrow Forever, is out now.


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